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Luoma, Martti & Alan Kimber
Multiple outliers in linear regression
Acta Wasaensia 34, Statistics 3. (1993)

Luoma, Terhi
Nonparametric event study tests for testing cumulative abnormal returns
Acta Wasaensia 254, (Ph.D. dissertation) Statistics 6. (2011) PDF-versio

Pape, Bernd
Asset allocation, multivariate position based trading, and the stylized facts
Acta Wasaensia 177, (Ph.D. dissertation) Statistics 4. (2007) PDF-versio

Pynnönen, Seppo
Testing for additional information in variables in multivariate normal classification with unequal covariance matrices
Acta Wasaensia 23, (Ph.D. dissertation) Statistics 2. (1988)

Raatikainen, Ilkka
Vaasan seudun innovaatiojärjestelmän kehittäminen.
Research Reports of the Levón Institute 99. (2002)

Ranta, Mikko
Wavelet multiresolution analysis of financial time series
Acta Wasaensia 223, (Ph.D. dissertation) Statistics 5. (2010) PDF-versio

Ruohonen, Matti
On the Ventcel-Freidlin estimates in approximating the probability of ruin
Acta Wasaensia 11, Statistics 1. (1979)

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