Annually approximately 20-25 new doctors graduate in the fields of humanities, administrative sciences, business studies and technology.

Forthcoming dissertations and public defense dates can be found on the Upcoming Events page. Dissertations are published in the Acta Wasaensia series. You can search them in Osuva publication archive.

Dissertations 2020

16.10. Juha Mäki (Accounting)
Fair Value Appraisal and Financial Reporting
Opponents: professor Mervi Niskanen (University of Eastern Finland)
Custos: professor Teija Laitinen

14.10. Beatrice Obule-Abila (Industrial Management)
Knowledge management approach for sustainable waste management: evolving a conceptual framework 
Opponents: Professor Rodrigo Lozano (University of Gävle)
Custos: professor Petri Helo

30.9. Ausrine Silenskyte (Management)
Corporate strategy implementation. How strategic plans become individual strategic actions across organizational levels of the MNC
Opponents: professor Rebecca Piekkari (Aalto University) and associate professor Catherine Welch (University of Sydney)
Custos: professor Adam Smale
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30.6. Sara Tilabi (Industrial Management)
"How to apply technology, knowledge and operations decision models for strategically sustainable resource allocation?"
Opponents: professor Andrea Gelei (Corvinus University of Budapest) and professor Jouni Juntunen (Oulu University)
Custos: professor Josu Takala
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17.6. Junhua Jiang (Finance)
"Essays on Financial Connectedness"
Opponent: Associate professor Jarkko Peltomäki (Stockholm Business School)
Custos: professor Janne Äijö
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3.4. Hanna-Kaisa Pernaa (Social and Health Management)
”Hyvinvoinnin toivottu tulevaisuus – tarkastelussa kompleksisuus, antisipaatio ja osallisuus”
Opponent: professor Jari Stenvall (Tampere University)
Custos: professor Pirkko Vartiainen
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16.3. Agnieszka Kierner (Management)
"Expatriation of Dual–Career Couples"
Opponent: professor Svetlana Khapova (Vrije University Amsterdam)
Custos: professor Vesa Suutari
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3.3. Tapio Alho (Industrial Management)
Persoonallinen ajattelu päättelyssä ja päätöksenteossa
Opponents: professor Pekka Kess (Oulun yliopisto),  Docent Henry Sivusuo (Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu)
Custos: professor Josu Takala.
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28.2. Lotta Alhonnoro (Marketing)
“Turning Points of Food/Waste. Tracing Actors, Relations and Practice-networks in a Retail Setting”
Opponent: Associate Professor Johanna Gummerus (Hanken)
Custos: Professor Pirjo Laaksonen
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23.1. Antti Mäenpää (Regional Science)
The Challenges of Public Organisations in Coordinating Smart Specialisation and a Connectivity Model as One Solution
Opponent: Professor Vesa Harmaakorpi (LUT University)
Custos: Professor Seija Virkkala
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