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The research, development and cooperation projects of the University of Vaasa that have received external funding. You can search for projects by name or by different actors such as university research groups and research platforms.

Project Duration Actors
AVANGARD – Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs - Networked value systems NeVS, Technology and Innovations
DISRUPTING THE MEDIA SCENE. Adopting emerging technologies as a vehicle for transforming the audience relationship and business models in journalistic media - InnoLab, Communication studies, Digital Economy
Silent Engine - Silent Solutions for Clean and Efficient Power Generation - VEBIC
Making Sense of Climate Change: Perspectives of Citizens, Business Leaders and Political Decision-Makers - InnoLab, Public policy and organisations
KvarkenSpaceEco - Digital Economy, InnoLab
CleanShip - Sustainable Business through Clean Ship Technologies - VEBIC
Digitalisation Academy: Piloting and developing the Academy and creating a nationwide model (DA-PITO) - InnoLab
FLEXIMAR, Novel marketplace for energy flexibility - Smart electric systems, VEBIC, Marketing and Consumption Research
Banks saving-related communication in the social media - Communication studies
GLOBALINTO - Economics