VINPOWER - Vaasa Innovation Platform for Future Power Systems

Posted on 07/09/17.

The main objective of this project is to develop the expertise based Smart Grid innovation environment at the University of Vaasa. In the parallel project Smart Energy Systems Platform (SESP) the focus is on the development of the physical research environment and this project completes the building of the world class R&D&I environment by strengthening the competence in selected topics within Smart Grids domain. This is accomplished by executing work packages focusing on various technical development targets in close cooperation with industry partners. It also wished that the industrial cooperation would bring larger amount of companies into the activities in the innovation environment created.

The project provides new knowledge and concepts for the industry, promotes the utilization of new technology in power distribution in order to increase the reliability of power supply and simultaneously serves the needs of the electricity end users and the whole community.

The project is divided into four work packages: "Cabled medium voltage networks", "Microgrids", "Big Data applications" and "Dissemination and networking". In the work package related to the cabled networks, new knowledge about techniques for protection, fault location, earth fault compensation and reactive power compensation is created. Also concepts for future smart secondary substations will be proposed. In the work package focusing on microgrids, the system functionalities are reviewed considering the interface to home automation, and as a result new control- and automation functions are developed. In the third work package, the potential applications of Big Data techniques for network management and condition monitoring are surveyed. In addition, potential computational techniques are investigated. The activities related to the dissemination of the project results and networking with different stakeholders is managed in the fourth work package.

As the main result of this project an innovation environment is created, which includes the knowledge and skills gained in the project as well as the practical concepts developed for the specific Smart Grid topics researched. This environment is utilized in future cooperation with industrial partners when researching new innovative techniques applied in the Smart Grids. The tangible results of the project consist of the technical solutions developed and demonstrated in the work packages relating to cabled networks, microgrids, and condition monitoring. These include e.g. a practical concept for a future smart secondary substation and a demonstration of the utilization FPGA technology in the processing of measurements from the network.

Main funding of the project comes from European Regional Development Fund.


Fourth Nordic Workshop in Power System Protection and Control, 13 May 2019, University of Vaasa (registration open)