Posted on 05/01/16.

Protect-DG - New techniques for the management of power system faults and distributed generation –project belongs to the national INKA (innovative cities) program and it is funded by EU trough the European Regional Development Fund.

The main goal in the project is to study and develop new solutions for managing faults in medium-voltage grids and for managing small-scale distributed generation (DG) units installed in grids. The development of new technical solutions is a prerequisite for installing DG cost-efficiently to the electricity distribution network. At the same time, the demands from the society for the reliable power supply have increased. As a result, there has been a transition to wide scale cabling of distribution grids, which again requires enhanced fault location methods.

In the project, new techniques for fault indication and location, and technical solutions for the prevention of island operation of DG, that is, Loss-of-Mains protection based on continuous power line signaling are developed. Moreover, the utilization of IEC 61850 standard for controlling DG units and for electric arc protection is being developed demonstrated.

The research is carried out jointly in the University of Vaasa and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT).