Posted on 17/01/17.

FESSMI – Future energy storage solutions in marine installations – is a project under Innovative Cities programme, which is funded by European Regional Development Fund.

This research project investigates and develops new energy efficient solutions for marine vessels taking full advantage of hybrid technology and battery energy storages. In addition, the project also investigates support infrastructure, which allows vessel energy storage interaction with on-shore grid and renewable resources. The optimal operation of such interlinked energy system requires also system for information management and monitoring both in harbour and on vessels, which is also studied in this project. The research methods include system modelling and simulation, performance analysis of different system alternatives in various operation conditions and small-scale laboratory demonstrations.

The research is carried out jointly in University of Vaasa (UV) and Lappeenranta University of Tehcnology (LUT). Companies are partly financing the project, and are providing tehcnical support and knowledge.

FESSMI-project final report