Ix3 - Intelligent international industry

The Ix3-project aims at enhancing availability and quality of university-level education for SMEs going through digitalisation restructuring.


Compact and efficient deep neural networks for ubiquitous computer vision

Computer vision has progressed in many fronts thanks to the adoption of deep neural networks. For example, problems like automatic image classification, segmentation and captioning, as well as object recognition and human pose estimation have benefited from deep neural networks and related recent advances.


InnoDigi-driven inter-organizational network solutions, InnoDigi project

InnoDigi defines how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can work smarter and become entrepreneurial in terms of increasing innovative coopetition and collaboration activities.


Talking Machines – Electronic voice and the interpretation of emotions and self-understanding in human–machine communication 1960–2020

Talking Machines project explores human-machine interaction and its history from the perspective of voice and sound-based communication. In this task the group employs the means of both academic research and artistic expression.


Business Renewal using Digital Finance and Blockchain

This project aims to give new information on new, innovative sources of funding. Making use of new digital financial markets, an entrepreneur can employ an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to finance his/her business. ICO is a type of public funding that accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as well as some fiat currencies in exchange for tokens. The traditional financing instrument is Initial Public Offering (IPO). ICOs face less regulatory demands than IPOs. ICOs only require a “white...


Conceptualizing Blockchains

This multidisciplinary project explores the ideas and concepts behind specific blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in society. We study how meanings and values are constructed, discussed, and applied in practice in journalism as well as in organizational communication.


Banks saving-related communication in the social media

The project focuses on the ways in which Finnish banks participate in public discussion about saving, investing, and economic capability in the social media. Banks’ communication is analyzed particularly from the perspectives of business-society relations, corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility.


Uuden sukupolven kaukolämpölaitos malli hiilineutraaliin yhdyskuntarakenteeseen - teollinen ekosysteemi energian ja ruuan tuotantoon perustuen paikallisiin raaka-aineisiin sekä kotitalousten ja tuotantolaitosten sivuvirtoihin

Hankkeen tavoitteena on luoda toimintamalli uuden sukupolven kaukolämpölaitokselle. Malli on suunnattu alueille, joilla on puupohjaista bioylijäämätuotantoa. Mallissa on keskeisenä ajatuksena yhdistää paikallista energian- ja ruuantuotantoa. Tuotantoa lähestytään laajalla kiertotalouden näkökulmalla ja energiatuotannon virtojen ja sivuvirtojen ympärille tunnistetaan ja mallinnetaan energian ja ruuan teollinen ekosysteemi.