LARS Learning among Regions on Smart Specialisation

LARS project helps to find solutions tackling the fragmentation of regional systems of innovation looking for entrepreneurial discoveries within such topics as bio and circular economy, advanced production methods and technologies for energy efficiency.



In the FUSE project (Future Smart Energy) advanced methods basing on artificial intelligence and use of hierarchical communication system are being researched and developed for the operation and monitoring of Smart Grids.


SG Platform

The main target of the project is to prepare a group of R&D projects which will develop new solutions to the improvement of the reliability, flexibility and economy of electricity distribution networks and facilitate the connection of renewable power generation to the power system by applying energy storages, Big Data and analytics, IoT and 5G communication. Business models will also be developed, since the new solutions may lead to emerge of new businesses or change the operation...



GLOBALINTO will provide new measures of intangible assets at the firm level, filling an important gap in measurement which has restricted statistical production, micro-based analysis and evidence-based policymaking.



SESP – Smart Energy Systems Research Platform is a project in the AIKO-program relating to the theme ”digitalization and innovation environment” in the growth agreement made between government and Vaasa region. The project is executed by the University of Vaasa in cooperation with Svenska handelshögskolan (Hanken) at Vaasa.



eDEMVE–projektin tavoitteena on liittää laboratorioon paikallisen PK–yrityksen ja muiden laboratoriosta vielä puuttuvien valmistajien tuotteita sekä fyysisesti että virtuaalisesti. Tämän lisäksi hankeen avulla pyritään tuomaan DEMVE–laboratorion koulutus, testaus ja tutkimuspalvelut entistä joustavammin yritysten käyttöön.