The project’s goal is to create synergy between other electric flight projects with the purpose of together increasing knowledge of the potentials of electric aviation and also of accelerating the implementation of regional electric flights and initiating cross-border innovation processes in relation to these.


Powered by Blockchain

The project is a joint operational model including a network, a platform and a set of learning contents.


Technobothnia's Pilot Environment for Future User Interface Innovations

The aim of the project is to create a research and innovation environment for Technobothnia in Ostrobothnia for User Interface research, piloting and testing. The project will further develop the user interface environment in Technobothnia to meet the needs of today and the future.


All4R&D –Promoting academia-industry alliances for R&D through collaboration and open innovation platform

The aim of the All4R&D project is to accelerate research, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer with our partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Armenia.


AVANGARD – Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs

This project targets urban mobility, where we are entering an era of rapid transformation and disruption which are also challenging traditional paradigms on manufacturing and business models characterized by an unprecedented speed, scale and scope of technological change. The project will prepare the environment for novel forms of collaborative distributed manufacturing amongst different EU regions. Innovative value chains will be pursued to overcome the scale (giga) and speed being established...



DigitalTwin refers to using a digital copy of the physical system, such as machinery, factory, control system, supply chain to conduct real-time experimentation and performance improvement. DigitalTwin project applies simulation software technologies to build virtual environments for industry.


Silent Engine - Silent Solutions for Clean and Efficient Power Generation

University of Vaasa is preparing a research and innovation project ”Silent Engine”, which aims to decrease the level of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) of e.g. ships and work machines as well as distributed energy production - without introducing tradeoffs on efficiency and emissions.


CleanShip - Sustainable Business through Clean Ship Technologies

Led by the University of Vaasa, a significant research consortium is being established to create a roadmap towards low-emission seafaring technology and work machines and realise these objectives through innovation. The consortium also aims at developing flexible fuel technologies and estimating the effects of these on the entire value chain of the industries involved.