Narashima Boopathi Sivasubramanian

Narashima Boopathi Sivasubramanian

Narashima Boopathi Sivasubramanian, Doctoral student from Department of Management received “The Best Paper” award at the International Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences which was held on January 4-5th in Chennai, India. The paper was titled “A detailed comparison of Finland and India through Hofstede & GLOBE study”.

– Paper analyses differences and similarities between Finnish and Indian national cultures of organizations through Hofstede and GLOBE study, and discusses how these differences affect  organizational culture and leadership practices, Sivasubramanian tells.

Sivasubramanian’s doctoral thesis aims at testing the theory of Cultural intelligence Quotient (CQ). Dissertation looks at CQ level of Finnish leaders who are leading business in India and investigates how CQ is used by them in overcoming cross-cultural challenges.

– It is very important to know culture in the country where you do business and lead people. For example, in India, religion impacts every step of your life, including business and its practices, Sivasubramanian explains.

India as a research context was chosen not only because of the researcher’s ethnical background – Sivasubramanian is from the state of Tamil Nadu, South India – but also because it is very large and diverse country, where, for example, even every state has its own language, tradition and culture which is different from the other states.

– Leading business in country like this is very challenging and requires high level of cultural sensitivity.

– In Finland everything is very well organized, but in India things are more complex. Networking and personal relationships have a huge role when selecting business partner. You build the trust first and only then comes business.

Sivasubramanian has been in Finland 8 years and considers himself to be well adapted to the Finnish way of life. Especially he enjoys the peaceful environment in Finland.

Sivasubramanian starts the interviews with Finnish business leaders for his dissertation in this spring and expects to graduate in the year 2015.