Man Yang

Man Yang

Doctoral student Man Yang studies international business. She started her doctoral studies right after she finished her studies in Master’s Degree Programme in International Business 2013. After completing her master's thesis she decided to investigate more on how entrepreneurs can utilize entrepreneurial marketing to enhance the growth and performance of international new ventures.

– I am interested in how entrepreneurs in those rapid internationalizing firms make decisions in marketing their products and services to international markets, Yang explains.

She has already written the first article of the doctoral dissertation with her supervisor.

– We collected data from four international new ventures in the energy sector of Vaasa region. We asked entrepreneurs how they make decisions in international marketing activities.

The results show that entrepreneurs adopt an effectual decision-making process where they formulate possible alternatives by leveraging their characteristics, experience, competence, networks to achieve the best outcome.

– This is contrary to the decision-making process in traditional marketing that managers would select between given resources to achieve a pre-determined goal for example a marketing strategy, tells Yang.

Yang has a clear and ambitious plan how to graduate in four years. She has already completed all the courses and has planned the research as well as the articles carefully. She’s writing an article-based dissertation, three articles in JUFO-level journals.

– If the risk is high, so is the reward, Man refers to publishing in high class journals.

According to Yang, supervisors are in the key position to encourage the students to aim high.

– My supervisor, Professor Peter Gabrielsson has created an equal and informal environment for communication. He’s very supportive and really takes care of us graduate students, Yang compliments.

Yang was born in Jingzhou, China and moved to Finland in 2011 from Suzhou. In the future the academic career is the most inviting option.

– Having said that, I’m also open to surprises – this is life, Yang says.

Yang will leave her doctoral thesis to pre-examination in the spring 2017.