Selected Publications (2010-2011)

Articles in refereed journals

DG Unit Fault Behavior and Protection of LV Microgrid. Laaksonen Hannu, Kauhaniemi Kimmo, Voima Sampo. International Review on Modelling and Simulations (IREMOS). 2010

Protection Principles for Future Microgrids. Laaksonen Hannu. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. 2010

Smart Protection Concept for LV Microgrid. Laaksonen Hannu, Kauhaniemi Kimmo. International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE). 2010

Colour of blood in skin - a comparison of Allen\'s test and photonics simulations. Välisuo P., Kaartinen I., Kuokkanen H. ja Alander J.. Skin research and technology. 2010

Lower extremity ulcer image segmentation of visual and near-infrared imagery. Bochko Vladimir, Valisuo Petri, Harju Toni, Alander Jarmo. Skin Research and Technology. 2010

How to Assess Scar Hypertrophy? A Comparison of Subjective Scales and Spectrocutometry – A New Objective Method. I. S. Kaartinen, P. O. Välisuo, V. Bochko, J. T. Alander, and H. O. Kuokkanen. Wound Repair and Regeneration. 2011

New closed form approximation for skin chromophore mapping. P. Välisuo, I. Kaartinen, V. Tuchin, and J. Alander. Journal of Biomedical Optics. 2011

Objective scar assessment — a new method using standardized digital imaging and spectral modelling. I. S. Kaartinen, P. O. Välisuo, J. T. Alander, and H. Kuokkanen. Burns. 2011

Reflectance measurement using digital camera and a protecting dome with built in light source. P. Välisuo, T. Harju, and J. Alander. Journal of Biophotonics. 2010

Articles in edited volumes

Datapohjaiset mallit - Merikoski Jorma, Esko Turunen, Kimmo Raivio, Timo Mantere 2010

Doctoral theses

Computer Vision and Optimization Methods Applied to the Measurements of In-Plane Deformations, Janne Koljonen 2010.