Research Programme

The research group Smart Electric Systems (SES) consists of researchers from several disciplines, which have their own clear focus area. Wide knowledge from different areas of technology enables the application of a combined system view in the multidisciplinary research projects.

The research areas of automation technology include:

  • measurements (NIRS, machine vision)
  • signal processing (embedded systems, FPGA)
  • soft computing (machine learning) and optimisation (genetic algorithms)

The research areas of electrical engineering include:

  • power systems transient simulation (converters, protection relays)
  • distributed energy resources (grid interconnection issues)
  • electricity distribution systems (Smart Grids, microgrids, IEC 61850)

The research areas of communication and systems engineering include:

  • radio resource management (physical and MAC layer)
  • distributed automation systems (wireless automation, tactical communication systems)

The research areas of computer science include:

  • intelligent computational methods