Smart Electric Systems

Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology,
Computer Science,

School of Technology and Innovations,
University of Vaasa

The Smart Electric Systems (SES) Research Group consists of researchers in the fields of automation, electrical engineering, information technology and telecommunication engineering. The group research and develops solutions based on modern information, communication and automation technology (ICAT) for the needs of the energy sector as well as for other fields of society. The applications include smart grids, wireless automation systems and various solutions for well being technology and environment.

The research group includes professors, doctoral students and post-doc researchers, and it works in close cooperation with industrial companies and other universities or research institutes. The group is also part of the Vaasa Energy Institute and participates in its projects. The research projects of the group are mainly based on local and national research networks, but the role of international activities is continuously increasing.

The research group is headed by Professor Kimmo Kauhaniemi.