Networked Value Systems

School of Management,
University of Vaasa

School of Technology and Innovations,
University of Vaasa

Networked Value Systems (NeVS) is a multidisciplinary research program that combines both strategic management and operations management capabilities. Research program studies strategies, processes and practices within industrial value systems, networks and firms. Research program utilizes theories of strategic and operations management.

Research program focuses on three particular themes: inter-organizational networks and relationships, strategies and strategy processes, as well as industrial service business. Program intends to develop both theory and practice.

Our influence reaches the international scientific community through high-quality publications. Yet, we also utilize and develop scientific knowledge in cooperation with our company partners. In addition, we actively educate in our doctoral program, as well as master programs of strategic management, growth management and industrial management. We combine theory and practice in creative ways in all our activities.

NeVS program is led by Professors Petri Helo (Industrial Management) and Marko Kohtamäki (Department of Management).