Economics Research Group

School of Accounting and Finance,
University of Vaasa

The Economics Research Group studies intangible capital in the national economy. The research programme develops new methods for assessing the amount of intangible capital at national level and business level, while also evaluating the significance of intangible capital for business growth and the success of European economies. The research programme covers studies into intangible capital that are related to explaining economic growth using expertise, innovation and intellectual capital.

The research results provide views for the debate currently under way in many EU countries regarding the allocation of public funds to innovation policy and promotion. The research programme creates a foundation for formulating operational methods to reinforce growth and employment. The international perspective will enable decision-makers to compare different industrial structures and ways of utilising intangible capital to promote growth.

In addition to the University of Vaasa, partners in the Economics Research Programme include eight leading European research institutes and universities.

The research group is coordinated by Professor Hannu Piekkola.

Current research projects