International Business and Marketing Strategies Research Group

Faculty of Business Studies,
University of Vaasa

The key approach of the research group is value creation in international business with a focus on effective decision-making, innovative and sustainable strategies, and management in diverse, constantly changing environments. The main research areas are:

  • Internationalisation and Globalisation of Firms
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • International Marketing Strategies

The research areas converge in providing analysis and new knowledge about firm strategies and performance whether in terms of financial results, managerial evaluation of success, value creation for customers, or survival. Research is carried out using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and it is multidisciplinary in nature. The research group has published in several scientific journals and edited books in the field of International Business. The group has an extended network of partners in international universities and within industry, and produces on average two doctoral dissertations every year. A key event for the group is the biennial Vaasa Conference on International Business, held for the 15th time in August 2019.

We are constantly looking for talented and driven individuals interested in the challenges and opportunities of International Business to join the group as doctoral students and partners. Please read about our research topics and group goals in these pages or contact us directly for more information.

The research group is headed by Professor Jorma Larimo.

Jorma Larimo Jorma Larimo 
School of Marketing and Communication, International Business
+358 29 449 8464
Tervahovi B313