Research Programme


Research Program

The Business Law and Information research program produces multidisciplinary research combining expertise in business studies and law. In the research group, study and education, legal and business issues must be linked to the knowledge of the factual content of the phenomenon-oriented research subject. The research program collaborates also with representatives from the other fields of science.

The research program emphasizes connection between research on corporate law, tax law, and business. The research conducted by the research group focuses on the significance of information in various dimensions of corporate operations, both nationally and internationally. The goal is to examine the impact of the regulation of information on businesses and their owners. The research produces tools to create a more efficient business environment, manage risks and develop new business opportunities.

The research group collaborates closely with other research groups at the University of Vaasa and other universities in Vaasa. The University of Vaasa also works in close partnership with the Universities of Lapland, Turku, Tampere, Eastern Finland and Helsinki, as well as with other national and international partners. The international co-operation focuses especially to Europe and USA both in terms of research and teaching.

The research program is headed by Professor Juha Lindgren.

Objectives of the research program

The program’s societal objective is to meet the constantly growing need for information in businesses and public administration, regarding the legal regulation of the field and legislative development needs. It also aims to clarify the content and methods of Business Law and Information to assist the contract field, education, and communication in general.

The program aims to apply scientific research to create educational material and write publications to meet the needs of businesses. A further goal is to educate both teachers and other producers and users of this kind of legal information in order to implement an educational project and safeguard continuity.