Business Law and Information Research Group

School of Accounting and Finance, 
University of Vaasa

The Business Law and Information research group produces multidisciplinary research where business studies and law intersect. The research program emphasizes the phenomenon-oriented connection between research on corporate law, tax law, and business. The goal is to examine the impact of legal and business information especially related to the economical decision making on businesses and their owners. The research produces tools to create a more efficient business environment, manage risks and develop new business opportunities.

The research group collaborates closely with departments at the University of Vaasa, other universities in Vaasa and in Finland. The international cooperation is focused especially on other European countries and USA.

The research program is headed by Professor Juha Lindgren.

Juha Lindgren Juha Lindgren 
School of Accounting and Finance, Business Law
+358 29 449 8686
Tervahovi D126 

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