The Role of Language Skills in Career Mobility

Posted on 27/02/15. - Projects

This project focuses on the relationship between language skills and career mobility. The project includes both theoretical developments concerning this relationship and empirical studies. In the project, we focus on language skills as a form of career capital and examine its effects on career mobility and other career outcomes. We also develop a new concept of ‘language fit/misfit’ and its potential effects on career mobility, both theoretically and empirically. Cross-cultural comparative studies will be carried out between Finland and Russia.


Project members: Maria Järlström, Rebecca Piekkari (Aalto University, School of Business), Joakim Wincent (Hanken/Luleå University of Technology), Sami Itani (Aalto), Tiina Jokinen (University of Vaasa), Milla Nyyssölä (Aalto), Tomi Seppälä (Aalto), Marina Latukha (St. Petersburg State University)

Partners/participating organisations: The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates (SEFE), Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK), Union of Professional Engineers in Finland (UIL), DIFF; data collected from Finland and Russia

Project Leader: For more information about the project or possibilities for future collaboration, please contact Maria Järlström

Research Group: Human Resource Management