The Occupational Well-Being of International Professionals in Modern-Day Working Life

Posted on 27/02/15. - Projects

Modern-day working life comprises several different kinds of international employees and in this project we study some of the main types: expatriates sent by their current employers, self-initiated expatriates, short-term international assignees and international business travellers. We are interested in the positive and negative aspects of international work and how these affect the well-being of professionals who are internationally mobile. We also study the kinds of individual- and organisational-level outcomes that are related to international employees’ well-being, and what employers can do to support their well-being. International working not only affects employees themselves, but it also affects their families and personal lives, so we therefore also focus on the effects of international working on the interactions between work and personal life. The project involves the collection of both longitudinal, quantitative data and qualitative, interview-based data.


Project members: Liisa Mäkelä, Vesa Suutari, Kati Saarenpää, Helen de Cieri (Monash University, Australia), Anne-Maria Holma, Ulla Kinnunen (TaY)

Partners: SEFE, Global Business Travel Association

Project Leader: For more information about the project or possibilities for future collaboration, please contact Liisa Mäkelä

Research Group: Human Resource Management