Improving Performance via Leadership Focused on Well-Being (LÄIKE)

Posted on 27/02/15. - Projects

This project focused on leadership in organizations and provided evidence that leadership focused on increasing employee well-being leads to improved organisational performance. Coaching Leadership and Leader-Member exchange (LMX) relationships were found to be key characteristics of the kind of leadership that improved well-being. The project involved an intervention study and three different interventions were conducted in the participating organizations in order to support and develop the leadership skills of supervisors. In addition, longitudinal quantitative and qualitative data sets were collected in five large Finnish organizations to form the basis of the analyses.

Project members: Riitta Viitala, Liisa Mäkelä, Risto Säntti, Timo-Pekka Uotila, Jussi Tanskanen, Hilpi Kangas & Sari Hölsö

For more information about the project and a report of the findings, please visit (in Finnish):

Project Leader: For more information about the project or possibilities for future collaboration, please contact Riitta Viitala

Research Group: Human Resource Management