Cross-Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers (5C)

Posted on 27/02/15. - Projects

This research is part of a multi-country study conducted by the ‘Cross-Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers’ (5C) – a collaboration of careers scholars from around 30 countries. The purpose of the project was to understand how people perceive their careers across the globe, the extent to which this differs between countries, what things are driving these differences, and the effects these career perceptions have on key outcomes. More specifically, we were interested in what things people thought were important for their career success and the extent to which they felt they were achieving these things in their working lives. We compare this across different age groups, occupations and global regions. We therefore collected data from a cross-section of the working population (approx. 500 respondents) in around 30 different countries around the world.

2013-ongoing, The Foundation for Economic Education (LSR)

Project members: Adam Smale, Vesa Suutari, Liisa Mäkleä, and Kaisu Kanstren (for Finland), plus over 70 country representatives from over 30 countries