Research Projects


Careers under the Microscope: Examining Global Careers through Different Lenses

This long-term project is focused on examining global careers from different perspectives. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods are applied to study a variety of key issues relating to global careers, for example: international career paths, career decision-making, and the reward and compensation of internationally mobile employees. The project also examines the knowledge, social networks and individual identity-related aspects of expatriate careers, and how these develop over...


Influence without Authority: Examining the Managerial Influence of HR Professionals

How corporations manage people clearly matters. HRM constitutes a source of competitive advantage for firms and their stakeholders, and the people management-related decisions that firms make have significant spill-over effects on society. Despite the importance of people management issues, there is often a lack of clarity about the ownership of HRM issues. Business leaders and line managers vary significantly in terms of their people-orientation and attention to HRM issues, and HR...


The State, Development Needs and Performance Effects of HRM in Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

The project involves a multi-method study investigating HRM in around 100 Finnish SME’s. The focus is on examining the content and quality of their HRM systems, and their connection to firm performance. In addition, the study includes qualitative studies and HRM development interventions in 10 case study SME’s.


The Finnish National HR Barometer

The HR Barometer is an extensive national study conducted in cooperation with HENRY (The Finnish Association for Human Resource Management) every three years. The study – involving over 2,000 HR professionals, labour representatives and managers – provides the very latest insights into the current and future challenges in managing people-related issues in organisations, as well as the tasks and roles of HR professionals in Finland.