Human Resource Management

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Management comes with great responsibility, and the effective management of people issues is a responsibility that lies at the heart of any successful organization.

Comprising 13 faculty and around 20 active doctoral students, the Human Resource Management (HRM) research group is Finland’s largest scientific research group dedicated to examining people management issues in organizations. The group produces high-quality academic research on a variety of HRM-related topics that companies can utilize to improve their competitiveness – through the creation of a skilled and more committed workforce, and via more effective HRM processes that support strategic objectives. The main focus areas of the group’s research are international HRM, strategic HRM, and leadership (see Research Programme, right-hand menu).

The research group also carries out research-based development programmes in collaboration with companies and public sector organizations. The group actively participates in joint research initiatives with other prestigious domestic and international partner universities, as well as with leading partner companies and professional development networks. These projects leverage both the group’s scientific expertise in HRM and a focus on practical relevance (see Research Projects).

Connections to HRM education:

The HRM research group is engaged in different forms of HRM education, most notably the following:

- Henkilöstöjohtamisen maisteriohjelma (University of Vaasa, Vaasa)
- Master’s Degree Programme in International Business (University of Vaasa, Vaasa)
- HR MBA (Levón Institute, Vaasa)
- Doctoral Programme in Business Studies (HRM as a major subject)

Doctoral studies within the HRM research group aim at providing cutting-edge and relevant knowledge for work organizations and the scientific community in Finland as well at the international level. Each doctoral student is assigned two supervisors, attends internal research seminars arranged twice a year, and has a key role in tailoring their own study plan to fit their specific needs and interests. Our doctoral students follow the Doctoral Programme in Business Studies. More information about this programme (study guide, how to apply) can be found here.

The HRM research group is headed by Professor Liisa Mäkelä.

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