Renewable Energy

Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology,
School of Technology and Innovations,
University of Vaasa

The Renewable Energy research group is part of School of Technology and Innovations and mainly under the subject of electrical engineering and energy technology, but collaboration is undertaken also with the computer science, industrial management and the mathematical sciences. In addition, the group collaborates closely with the Vaasa Energy Institute and the Levón Institute. The international research group, including 5-7 foreign postdocs or doctoral students, has common EU- and BA –funded research projects with Finnish and foreign universities.

The research group operates extensively in several new energy chains. Research is carried out on such research platforms like the Bio Fuel, Internal Combustion Engine, Energy-IoT, Wind Energy, Geo Energy and LogLab logistics.

The main focus of the research group is naturally on technical research, but many of the research projects are multidisciplinary. Through on-going research projects with partners from different universities, universities of applied sciences and companies, the group also examines perspectives related to social sustainability, business economics and energy law.

The on-going research projects form an entity in which research projects share many same interfaces like data transfer and analysis. Some of the projects are SHOK-projects (Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation), especially  CLIC Inc. projects.  Project funding is almost exclusively sourced from outside of the funding provided in the budget, including some EU funding.

The teaching provided by the research group is based on its own wide-ranging research.

The group is headed by Research Director Erkki Hiltunen.