Welfare Systems in a Changing Operational Environment

Social and Health Management,
Faculty of Philosophy,
University of Vaasa

The Welfare Systems in a Changing Operational Environment research group brings together research on welfare management, operations and reform in the social and healthcare sector. The team focuses on citizen participation models and methods and analyses complex societal and organisational problems. The team relies on an extensive range of organisation and management theories, theories of deliberative and participatory democracy and complex thought.

The programme is divided into two different entities: the Doctoral Programme and the projects. The research team conducts projects with researchers in different fields in Finland, Great Britain, Australia and the United States.

The research team is headed by Professor Pirkko Vartiainen.

Pirkko Vartiainen 
School of Management, Social and Health Management
+358 29 449 8349
Fabriikki F320 
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