Deliberative Welfare Policy Management

School of Management,
University of Vaasa

Deliberative Welfare Policy – promoting citizen participation

The Deliberative Welfare Policy research group brings together enthusiastic and active researchers from the field of social and health management and public law. The research group is situated in the university’s strategic area, management.

The research group defines deliberative welfare policy as a system where the citizens have an active role developing and maintaining the welfare system. It is a dialogue between citizens, patients, customers, political decision makers and administration of the content and legal matters. Through participation it is possible to become an active member of the society, its services and systems.

The study of deliberative welfare policy combines theoretically normative and hermeneutic research with empirical analysis.  The research includes new innovations in democracy, such as citizen juries and World Cafés. The group also focuses on juridical and operational questions related to the organization and production of welfare services as well as citizen rights. Other themes of interest are management of complexity and wicked problems and analysis of the operations of the welfare systems and basic human rights. The focus on welfare service systems is on how to organize, finance and produce these services according to the legislation.

The research group is headed by Professor Pirkko Vartiainen.

Pirkko Vartiainen 
Professori, sosiaali- ja terveyshallinto
School of Management, Social and Health Management
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