Consumption Research and Customer Value Creation

Faculty of Business Studies,
University of Vaasa

Our research group is built around a strong knowledge of consumer behaviour research. We examine relevant economic phenomena in different cultural playing fields using the diverse tools of consumption research. Our research is related to value creation for consumers (customer value), businesses (competitive advantage) and culture (cultural significance).

Our research group combines standard research with practical applications. Areas of application include current business fields where our collaboration with various knowledge centres is strong. Currently these areas are foodstuffs, energy, retail sales, communication, design and leisure-time. Regarding culture, we take an international view as we examine consumption culture, national differences and connections, where urban and local features of consumption are highlighted. In addition, we emphasise the ethical dimensions of the operational environment and focus on the examination of responsibility and welfare.

Consumer-related processes and the significance of consumption are key themes in our research. We use a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative scientific research methods as tools for our research. Our work consists of a wide range of methods, from experimental research settings to forms of ethnographic material collection. We see our challenge as the generation of information, understanding and application tools to support business management decision-making.

The research group is headed by Professor Arto Rajala.

Arto Rajala Arto Rajala 
Professor in Marketing
School of Marketing and Communication, Marketing
+358 29 449 8141
Tervahovi B309