Research Programme

The goal of the research team of Discourses in organizations is to examine how communication works in different, often specialized, contexts and how discourses and knowledge are used in organizations and society. The specific focus areas are forms of organizational communication, changes in media discourse and knowledge communication.

The focus in professional and specialized communication builds on the strong tradition of research on language for specific purposes (LSP) at the University of Vaasa. LSP is practiced particularly in Europe, and its main research areas are research on academic writing, terminology and business communication. At the University of Vaasa research on technical communication has also been central. LSP research has a strong connection to teaching. Building on this background, the research team of Discourses in organizations applies different methods from the field of discourse studies, e.g. systemic-functional linguistics, discourse analysis and conversation analysis.

The relationship between society and language is central in the work of the research team. It is perceived as a challenge for both internal communication in organizations and communication in the society at large. Research on specialized knowledge and communication is becoming more and more important, since a growing part of the knowledge communicated in organizations and society is specialized, and since, because of the development of media and communication technology, the amount of knowledge people meet in their lives is growing rapidly. In addition, new communication technology makes it easier to circulate and transform knowledge: intertexual and interdiscursive aspects of communication are getting increasingly complex. A special feature of the research team is that it encompasses the “life cycle of knowledge” from its birth to its dissemination to different audiences and target groups in different forms.

The research program of the team has a close connection to the strategic emphases of the university of Vaasa: management of organizations, digital economy, and innovation management.

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