Auditing and Control in Accounting

School of Accounting and Finance,
University of Vaasa

ACA research group conducts high quality international research and education. Basing on its expertise, ACA takes an active role in regional, national and international interaction.


ACA's research activity is nationally and internationally recognized for its high quality and the research group has maintained good relationships with international top researchers. Active and close co-operation between the group members is one of the key success factors of the group. The group produces doctoral dissertations and research that have been published in top scientific journals. In addition, the group publishes its work in national professional outlets.


The members of the ACA research group teach in areas of accounting and auditing at the University of Vaasa. Studies within this field build expertise in financial accounting, auditing and management accounting. The Master’s degree programme in auditing and control is designed to provide students with a profound competence to work in demanding positions related to financial planning, decision making, auditing and control. Furthermore, the dynamic research group provides an exellent environment for doctoral studies in accounting and auditing.

Societal interaction

Interaction with the surrounding environment is a natural part of ACA research group's activity. The group functions as a producer, disseminator and an adapter of research knowledge.  Group members are recognized and respected as experts in their specific areas at regional, national and international arenas. Participation in legislative work, defining of professional qualifications, and in business world being just some examples.

The research group is headed by Professor Marko Järvenpää.

Marko Järvenpää Marko Järvenpää 
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