Positions in teaching and research

Teaching and research positions are divided according to common Finnish and European practice, into four stages.

  1. Doctoral students
  2. Assistant Professors, University teachers
  3. Associate Professors, University lecturers
  4. Research Managers, Professors

Additional positions in teaching and research are eg. Research Assistant and Project Researcher.

All positions include both teaching and research. The tasks are agreed upon in more detail, when annual work plans are prepared.

Tenure track -positions

Further information about Tenure Track: On your way to becoming a Professor - Tenure Track at the University of Vaasa (pdf)

Some positions are available as Tenure Track. The person chosen for the task has the possibility to advance to the next career stage provided that they succeed in the regular evaluations of the Tenure track –scheme. On the basis of the candidate’s experience and competence, he/she will primarily be employed for a fixed-term as assistant professor or associate professor.  A person fulfilling all the qualification requirements and demonstrating particular merit may be appointed directly to the position of professor.


A candidate’s or employee’s performance and merits are assessed in the areas of scientific research, teaching, activities in the scientific community and societal impact.


Positions in Administrative Services and Independent institutions

The University Services provide services for the whole University community thus supporting the University's activities in research and teaching. The University services is divided into two functions; Academic Services and Administrative Services. The Academic Services include Education Services, Research Services and Graduate School, Communications and External Relations. The Administrative Services consist of HR and Executive Services, Finance and Project Administration, ICT Services as well as Campus Services. In addition there are two on-site service points in the Tervahovi and Fabriikki buildings.

The Affiliated Institutions comprise the Levón Institute, which is the University's centre for continuing education and research, and the academic library Tritonia.

The personnel employed by the fore mentioned are eg. Vice-directors for functions, Managers, Specialists and Assistants.