Act of Conferment
The actual conferment of degrees and the granting of Honorary Doctor's titles are parts of a festive act of conferment. Speeches and music play an important role in the festivities.

Conferment Book
The conferment book is published before the ceremonies. The book includes short CVs and information of the doctors and honorary doctors.

Conferment Officials
The Conferment officials are the Conferrers of Degrees, the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal.

Conferment Service
Conferment Church service takes place after the act of conferment.

Conferrer of Degrees
A senior professor of each faculty chosen to act as the Conferrer of Degrees.

Excursion to the seaside
An informal excursion on the day after the conferment.

Doctoral hat
The symbol of the freedom of research.

Doctoral sword
The symbol of a weapon of the spirit: to battle for what has been scientifically researched and discovered as true, right and good.

Gala Dinner and Ball
A gala dinner with speeches and music is arranged on the evening after the act of conferment. After the dinner, there is a ball with old academic dances. The ball ends to a speech to the rising sun.