*** Registration period has ended. ***


Your doctoral degree must be completed by June 2018 to be able to attend the Conferment Ceremony.

The CV information for the Conferment book and participation of a companion are submitted through the registration form. NB! If your companion is a doctor whose degree is also conferred at the Ceremony, you must both fill in your own registration forms.

The registration fee is paid at the same time when you fill in the registration form. The fee can be paid with a credit card or through a Finnish online bank service. The registration is binding but cancellation is possible until the end of registration period (31 May). If the registration is cancelled after that, the cancellation fee is €50. After 31 July, no refunds will be given.

Registration fee

Registration fee for promovendi is €250 and €180 for companion. This registration fee includes all the events in the programme:

  • Dance rehearsal for the Ball (optional, schedule will be announced later)
  • Act Rehearsal
  • Sword-whetting -ceremony and dinner
  • Conferment Act
  • Procession
  • Conferment Service
  • Gala Dinner and Ball
  • Excursion
  • Conferment Book and the Jubilee publication (published afterwards)

If you only want to attend the Conferment Act on Friday and not the Dinner and Ball, the fee is € 150 for promovendi and € 100 for companion. Please note that attending Thursday’s rehearsal is required of all doctors participating in the Conferment Act and thus Thursday’s events are included in the fee.

This fee includes:

  • Act Rehearsal
  • Sword-whetting -ceremony and dinner
  • Conferment Act
  • Conferment Book and the Jubilee publication (published afterwards)
  • (Participating in the procession and church service are optional)


If your companion is unable to attend all the festivities, it is possible for him/her to attend only the actual Conferment Act on Friday as a guest without participation fee. If the companion wishes to attend any other event (excluding church service, which is open for public), he/she has to pay the registration fee.

NB! If you both are doctors whose doctorates will be conferred at the ceremony, you must both pay the fee of €250 or €150.

Photo for the Conferment book

We will need a portrait photo of every participating doctor for the Conferment book. Please send your photo to after registration.

  • Send in a high-quality digital portrait photo with modest background
  • Photos in the Conferment book will be black and white but you can send in a normal colour photo
  • Please make sure that the size of the photo is large enough, at least 1000 x 1200 pixels. Photos downloaded from websites are often not suitable for printing.
  • Name the photo file clearly (for example lastname_firstname.jpeg)

Conferment book presents the following information on each doctor:

Last name, given names
Date of Birth, place of birth, country of birth, if other than Finland
Master’s Degree, year of graduation, university where degree was completed, country, if other than Finland
Doctoral Degree
Year of graduation
Title of Dissertation