In the Conferment Ceremony, the doctors are awarded the right to use their insignia, the hat and the sword. Every participant must acquire both for the ceremonies at their own expense or borrow them from a colleague. We recommend ordering the hats as soon as possible; the delivery time might be several months.

Doctoral hat

The hats are custom-made according to individual measurements, and the university’s own golden emblem is attached to the velvet band of the hat. If you don’t have the chance to visit a hat store for measurements, contact them for more information on how to do the measuring yourself.

All fields of science at the University of Vaasa have the same kind of black hats. The special brimmed hats for Technology are not used in our university.

You can also borrow a doctor’s hat from a colleague for the ceremonies. Please ensure that it’s black and has the emblem used in our university.


Hat stores in Finland

E.R. Wahlman Oy
Sofiankatu 5, 00170 Helsinki
tel. 09 634 313

  • The price of the hat is 755 € (inc. VAT 24%). Discount of 8 % (694€) on hats ordered before the end of March.

Head measurings in other cities, please contact Wahlman for more details.

Hattuateljee Memmu Lankila
Itäinen Teatterikuja 5, 00100 Helsinki
tel. 0400 633 799

  • The price of the hat is 615 € (inc. incl. hat, emblem, hat box and VAT).

Traditional hand-crafted hats, orderings as soon as possible.

Hattuateljee Miia Lindqvist
Hämeentie 44, 00500 Helsinki
tel. 09 712363

  • The price of the hat is 590€ (inc. VAT, hat box and head measuring at the ateljee or according to directions send by post)

Traditional hand-crafted hats.

Hallituskatu 17, 33200 Tampere
Modisti Anita Valo anita.valo(at)

  • The price of the hat is 590€ (inc. VAT, emblem and hat box)

Traditional hand-crafted hats.

Ab Melanders Hattfabrik Oy

Nilsiänkatu 10-14 B, 00510 Helsinki
tel. 0400 485536

  • The price of the hat is 629 € (inc. VAT, emblem, hat box and shipping)
  • Delivery time around 5 weeks


Tohtorinhatut Harvest EB

  • Discount of 5 % on hats ordered before 31.1.2108. After that 575€ (inc. emblem, hat box, shipping and VAT)
  • Delivery time 5-8 weeks, urgent deliveries 4 weeks.

Head measuring in Vaasa: Ompelupalvelu Mode Midinetti, Pitkäkatu 28-30, 65100 Vaasa, tel. 06-3127225.

Other cities, please read more from the website.

Doctoral sword

The sword used at the Ceremonies is Finland's official civilian sword. It comes with a scabbard and a black or golden holder. The university's golden symbol will also be on the sword. Your name and the date of the Conferment Ceremony are etched on the sword.

The sword is traditionally carried on the left side. Men wear the sword in a clip, for which a sturdy loop needs to be sown in the vest. Women have to carry the sword in a manner suitable for their outfit because the material of the evening gowns cannot support the weight of the scabbard. If a female doctor does not want to carry the sword attached to their outfit, it can be carried in hand.

It is also possible to borrow the sword. However, it must be a civilian sword and have the symbol of our university.


The swords are purchased from a selected vendor, Au Holmberg. This allows a lower price and direct delivery to the University.

The price is 245 € including engraved sword (85 cm or 95 cm), emblem, belt loop and case for the sword. Delivery options: collecting from the store, shipping (15 €) or free delivery to the university on September 2018. If you are coming from abroad, we recommend ordering the sword via Au Holmberg and get it sent directly to the university.

Place your order at:

Unfortunately the webshop is only in Finnish so if you are uncertain how to place your order, please contact Au-Holmberg (+358 2 231 6419 or It is also possible to place the order by email.

Au-Holmberg Oy
Itäinen Rantakatu 64
20810 Turku
tel. 02 231 6419


It is also possible to buy the sword independently from other stores (E.R. Wahlman Oy and Tohtorinhatut Harvest EB for example).