The festivities last for three days and include several events. The rehearsal of the Conferment Ceremony and the Sword-Whetting Ceremony take place on Thursday, 6 September 2018. The events of the actual Conferment day, Friday, 7 September 2018, include the Act of Conferment, a festive procession to the Conferment Service, Conferment Service, Gala Dinner and Conferment Ball. A relaxing excursion to the seaside takes place on Saturday, 8 September 2018.


Thursday,  September 6th

Dance rehersal for the Ball in the afternoon 15.00-16.30 at Vaasa Rudolf Steiner-school (Address: Kauppapuistikko 22, 2nd floor).

18:00 Rehearsal of Conferment Ceremony University of Vaasa, Auditorium Levón

Doctors and Honorary doctors will rehearse forming the procession in the hall, entrance, seating, conferment of degrees for each group, departure etc.

19:30 Dinner for Doctors Restaurant Mathilda

Welcoming Address, Master of Ceremonies Pirjo Laaksonen
Music: Mariam Sandhu

21:00 Sword-Whetting -Ceremony Restaurant Mathilda

Welcoming Address, Head Marshal Panu Kalmi

Charm: Airi Ropponen-Lindroos
Speech to the Sword, Minna-Maarit Jaskari, DSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.)

Master of Ceremonies sharpens the sword first followed by Honorary Doctors and Doctors in the conferment order and the Head Marshal being the last one. Either companion or a marshal will be turning the grindstone.

End of programme at about 23:00

Friday, September 7th

11:40 Forming of procession starts in the hall of Mathilda
11:45 Companions, relatives and audience have taken their seats

12:00 Conferment Ceremony Auditorium Levón

Procession enters

Welcoming Address, Rector Jari Kuusisto

Cantata, ”After the Congress”, Vaasa City Orchestra

Speech to Young Doctors, Conferrer of Degrees Merja Koskela

Question to the Primus Doctor and Reply by the Primus Doctor, Professor Jarmo Alander and Primus Doctor Petri Välisuo

12:45 Conferment of the Honorary Doctors and Doctors

Speech on behalf of Honorary Doctors, Doctor of Science (Econ. & bus. Adm.) honoris causa Pervez Ghauri

Our Land – The Finnish National Anthem, Vaasa City Orchestra

Procession departs

Refreshments in the lobby of Restaurant Mathilda and Auditorium Levón.

15.00 Transportation by bus to Kirjastonkatu (Academic Procession) and to the church (other guests).

HOWEVER: If it is raining, all go to the church by bus.

15:15 Academic Procession along Kirkkopuistikko to the Vaasa Church

15:30  Conferment Service Vaasa Church

Liturgy and Sermon: Bishop Simo Peura

The service ends at about 16:15 and buses take you back to the university if needed.

19:00  Gala Dinner Restaurant Strampen

Welcoming Address, Master of Ceremonies Pirjo Laaksonen

Speech in Honour of the University, DSc (Econ) Paula Erkkilä
Reply on behalf of the University, Rector Jari Kuusisto

Speech in Honour of the Conferrers of Degrees, Sanna heittola, PhD
Reply on behalf of the Conferrers of Degrees, Professor Pirkko Vartiainen

Speech in Honour of the Honorary Doctors, Mikael Ehrs, DSc (Econ)
Reply on behalf of the Honorary Doctors, Doctor of Administrative Sciences honoris causa Leena Niemistö

Music: Anton Ylikallio

23:00  Conferment Ball Vaasa City Hall

Academic dances (Polonaise, Cicapo, Mignon, Pas d´Espagne) and other dance music for the rest of the evening

Speech to the Rising Sun, Suvi Einola, DSc (Admin.)

End of programme at about 02:30

Saturday,  September 8th

11:35 Departure by bus from the university and via hotels

12:00  Restaurant Villa Sandviken

Concluding address, Doctor of Science (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) honoris causa Annamaria Lusardi

Buses back to the hotels and university leave around 14:30

Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

Conferment Ball