Pervez Ghauri is a world-renowned researcher of international business and marketing. He currently works as Professor in International Business at Birmingham Business School.

Ghauri has had a long career as professor and department director in various universities, such as King’s College in London, the business school of the University of Manchester, the University of Groningen, and Oslo Business School. Ghauri is a Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing and International Business.

Ghauri is the founder and editor-in-chief of the International Business Review. He also serves as Editor for the Journal of World Business. In addition, he is a board member of European International Business Academy EIBA and Academy of International Business AIB. He has consulted several international companies and, for example, International Trade Centre ITC in Geneva. Ghauri is an honorary doctor also at Turku School of Economics.

Pervez Ghauri has tight, long-term connections with the University of Vaasa. He has acted as visiting professor at the University, engaged in research collaboration, and participated several times in the summer conferences of international business organised by the University of Vaasa. The University is acknowledging his significant research in international business and his activities in promoting the research and internationalisation of the University of Vaasa.

Posted on 23/05/18.