Doctor of Medicine Leena Niemistö is a prominent contributor to the Finnish business life. Niemistö is a Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, known particularly as the developer and former owner of Dextra private healthcare clinic. Niemistö is a board professional with memberships in the boards of e.g. Elisa, Stockmann, Raisio, and Pihlajalinna, which acquired Dextra. Niemistö continues to operate as an investor in the healthcare industry. She is interested in digitalisation and artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry.

Niemistö also holds significant positions of trust in the field of culture. One of her positions is serving as the Chair of the Board of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. She has received many acclaims for her contributions to the economic sector. She was selected as the Finnish “Business Angel of the Year” in 2016, and this year the Finnish Talouselämä magazine ranked her second in its list of most powerful women in business. Management and change is an important focus area for the University of Vaasa. The University is acknowledging Niemistö's wide-reaching impact as an innovator of the Finnish healthcare industry.

Posted on 23/05/18.