Clare Lavelle is part of the leadership of from global engineering and design consultancy group Arup. Throughout her career, Clare Lavelle has delivered a number of technically challenging major projects in the energy sector including the development of the world’s first commercial wave farms at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney and the development of Hammerfest Storm tidal technology.

An Associate Director and Chartered Engineer, Clare leads Arup’s Energy consulting practice in Scotland and North East England. Ms Lavelle and her team deliver technical and engineering commissions for a range of clients in the energy sector mainly focused on offshore wind, wave, tidal, oil and gas decommissioning, and carbon capture and storage.

Clare Lavelle’s passion is supporting the growth of the new energy technologies and technology transfer in a range of industries. She has been responsible for developing standards, setting research priorities and developing appropriate regulatory frameworks and her industry expertise has been recognised in a variety of forums. She has led the development of British (BSI) and International (IEC) for marine renewable technology developments.

Ms Lavelle was awarded the Karen Burt memorial award by Women’s Engineering Society recognising technical excellence and promoting the engineering profession. She is a strong advocate of promoting the engineering profession within the industry, to government, to the next generation of engineers and to the wider public. Clare is also a member of the strategic advisory board for Wave Energy Scotland.

Energy transition is one the key topics at the University of Vaasa. The University is highly impressed by on Clare Lavelle’s achievements in engineering and energy fields and will nominate her for an honorary doctorate in technology.

Posted on 23/05/18.