Annamaria Lusardi is Denit Trust Chair of Economics and Accounting at the George Washington University School of Business in Washington DC, and the founder and academic director of the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC).

She has been a pioneer in developing financial literacy as a field of study. She has developed measures of financial literacy, which have been used in many countries around the world. She has also documented the impact of financial literacy on financial behavior, such as planning for retirement, participation in the stock market participation, and debt accumulation and debt management. She has published extensively and in many leading economics journals. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Her research also has an impact on policy. Professor Lusardi was recently appointed as Director of the newly established Financial Education Committee in Italy. In addition, she chairs of OECD’s International Network for Financial Education Research Committee. She is also involved in many projects with practitioners and policy makers to promote financial literacy around the world. She is involved in joint research projects with the University of Vaasa.

Posted on 23/05/18.