Klaus Grobys

Assistant Professor

School of Accounting and Finance, Finance
E-mail: firstname.lastname@univaasa.fi
Address: Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Office: Tervahovi D319 

Publications and scientific activities:

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Refereed Publications:

Grobys, K., 2018, Risk-managed 52-week high industry momentum, momentum crashes, and hedging macroeconomic risk, Quantitative Finance, forthcoming.¨

Grobys, K., Heinonen, J.-P., Kolari, J., 2018, Return Dispersion Risk in FX and Global Equity Markets: Does It Explain Currency Momentum? International Review of Financial Analysis, forthcoming.

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Quantitative Financial Data Analysis in Matlab (Master level course)

Research in Financial Markets (Master level course)