Nebojsa Dimic

Assistant Professor

School of Accounting and Finance, Finance
Address: Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Office: Tervahovi D207 

Publications and scientific activities:

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Articles in refereed journals

Lucey, B., Vigne, S., Dimic, N., et al. (2017). Future directions in International Financial Integration Research - A Crowdsourced Perspective. International Review of Financial Analysis. Forthcoming.

Dimic, N., Orlov, V. & Piljak, V. (2015). The Political Risk Factor in Emerging, Frontier, and Developed Stock Markets. Finance Research Letters 15, 239-245.

Dimic, N., Orlov, V. & Piljak, V. (2016). The effect of political risk on currency carry trades. Finance Research Letters 19, 75-78.

Dimic, N., Orlov, V. & Äijö, J. (2018). Bond -Equity Yield Ratio Investing in Emerging Markets. Journal of Emerging Market Finance, Forthcoming.

Dimic, N., Neudl, M., Orlov, V. & Äijö, J. (2017). Investor Sentiment, Soccer Games and Stock Returns. Research in International Business and Finance, Forthcoming.

Dimic, N., Kiviaho, J., Piljak, V. & Äijö, J. (2016). Impact of Financial Market Uncertainty and Macroeconomic Factors on Stock-Bond Correlation in Emerging Markets. Research in International Business and Finance 36, 41-51.

Dimic, N. & Orlov, V. (2015). Entrepreneurial Tendencies Among People with ADHD. International Review of Entrepreneurship 13, 187-204.

Working Papers

Dimic, N. (2017). Internationalization and firm valuation: New evidence from foreign debt issuances of US firms. Working Paper


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