Marko Kohtamäki


School of Management, Strategic Management (normalise scandinavian characters)
+358 29 449 8459
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Tervahovi C303
  • Head of Networked Value Systems (NeVS) research group
  • Professor


I'm operating as a Professor and director of the "Networked Value Systems" (NeVS) research program at the University of Vaasa and a Visiting Professor at Luleå University of Technology. My current research focuses on industrial services, strategy-as-practice, business intelligence, and business networks. My papers can be found from journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Industrial Marketing Management, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Technovation, and Journal of Business Research.


I teach in Strategic Business Development master's programme. During my 15 years of teaching career, I've taught courses related to strategy, business development, innovation and networks, as well as knowledge management

Recent publications

Please, see my profile in Research Gate:

Kohtamäki, M., & Rajala, R. (2016). Theory and practice of value co-creation in B2B systems. Industrial Marketing Management, 56(7), 4?13. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Kohtamäki, M., & Partanen, J. (2016). Co-creating value from knowledge-intensive business services in manufacturing firms: The moderating role of relationship learning in supplier-customer interactions. Journal of Business Research, 69(7), 2498?2506. (ABS 3, JUFO2, ISI: 1.5)

Luoto, S., Brax, S. & Kohtamäki, M. (2016). Critical meta-analysis of servitization research: Constructing a model-narrative to reveal paradigmatic assumptions. Forthcoming in Industrial Marketing Management. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Sirén, C. & Kohtamäki, M. (2016). Stretching strategic learning to the limit: The interaction between strategic planning and learning. Journal of Business Research, 69(2), 653-663. (ABS 3, JUFO2, ISI: 1.5)

Rönnberg Sjödin, Parida & Kohtamäki (2016). Capability configurations for advanced service offerings in manufacturing firms: Using fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis. Journal of Business Research (ABS 3, JUFO2, ISI: 1.5).

Parida, V., Patel, P., Wincent, J. & Kohtamäki, M. (2016). Network partner diversity, network capability, and sales growth in small firms. Forthcoming in Journal of Business Research. (ABS 3, JUFO2, ISI: 1.5)

Patel, P., Kohtamäki, M., Parida, V., & Wincent, J. (2015). Entrepreneurial-Orientation-as-Experimentation and Firm Performance: The Enabling Role of Absorptive Capacity. Strategic Management Journal, 36(11), 1739-1749. (FT-listed, ISI: 3.37, JUFO 3, ABS 4)

Bäck, I. & Kohtamäki, M. (2015). Boundaries of R&D collaboration. Technovation, 45-46, 15-28. (November?December). (ABS 3, JUFO2, ISI: 2.53)

Rabetino, R., Kohtamäki, M. Lehtonen, H. & Kostama, H. (2015). Developing the concept of the life-cycle service offering. Industrial Marketing Management, 49(8), 53?66. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Vesalainen, J. & Kohtamäki, M. (2015). Toward a typological view of buyer-supplier relationships: Challenging the unidimensional relationship continuum. Industrial Marketing Management, 49(8), 105?115. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Parida, V., Rönnberg Sjödin, D., Wincent, J. & Kohtamäki, M. (2014). Mastering the transition towards industrial product-service provision: Insights into business models, learning activities and capabilities. Research Technology Management, 57(3), 44-52. (JUFO 1, ABS 2, ISI: 1.0)

Kohtamäki, M., Partanen, J., Parida, V., & Wincent, J. (2013). Non-linear relationship between industrial service offering and sales growth: The moderating role of network capabilities. Industrial Marketing Management, 42(8), 1374?1385. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Huikkola, T., Ylimäki, J., & Kohtamäki, M. (2013). Joint learning in R&D collaborations and the facilitating relational practices. Industrial Marketing Management, 42(7), 1167?1180. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Kohtamäki, M., Partanen, J., & Möller, K. (2013). Making a profit with R&D services: The critical role of relational capital. Industrial Marketing Management, 42(1), 71?81. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Kohtamäki, M., Vesalainen, J., Henneberg, S., Naude, P. & Ventresca, M (2012). Enabling relationship structures and relationship performance improvement: The moderating role relational capital. Industrial Marketing Management, 41(8), 1298-1309. (JUFO 3, ABS 3, ISI: 1.9)

Sirén, C., Kohtamäki, M. & Kuckertz, A. (2012). Exploration and exploitation strategies, profit performance and the mediating role of strategic learning: Escaping the exploitation trap. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 18-41. (ISI 2.02, ABS4)

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