Jukka Sihvonen

Assistant Professor

School of Accounting and Finance, Finance
E-mail: firstname.lastname@univaasa.fi
Telephone: +358 29 449 8506
Address: Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Office: Tervahovi D344 
Office Hours: by appointment (email)



I am an Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of Accounting and Finance. The Department is internationally renowned for its high-quality research (IIIIII) and is also Finland's largest educational unit in accounting and finance.

Additional information:

Curriculum Vitae [CV], Social Science Research Network [SSRN], European Central Bank[ECB], Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe [SAFE].


I have lectured EPAS-accredited finance courses in the University's undergraduate and post-graduate programs since 2005. I supervise doctoral dissertations as well as master's and bachelor's theses. I also lecture at the University of Tampere's School of Management.


My research focuses on financial markets, with special emphasis on derivative instruments and the relation between market prices and information. I have also conducted research on stock, bond, electricity, and science markets and monetary policy. My research has been awarded (I in Finnish, IIIII).

I currently investigate whether bank option prices can be used to assess financial sector conditions in real time. This is a two-year project funded by the OP-Pohjola Research Foundation.

Most recent publications:

Rabetino, R., W. Harmsen, M. Kohtamäki, & J. Sihvonen (2018). Structuring Research on Servitization. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, forthcoming. [PDF]

Korkeamäki, T., Sihvonen, J. & Vähämaa, S. (2018). Evaluating publications across business disciplines: Inferring interdisciplinary "exchange rates" from intradisciplinary author rankings. Journal of Business Research, 84, 220-237. [Open access]

Korkeamäki, T., J. Sihvonen  & S. Vähämaa (2016). How to evaluate the inter-disciplinary value of publications across business disciplines? Informaatiotutkimus, 35:3. [PDF]

Luoma, M. & J. Sihvonen. (2016). A New Method for Picking Stocks with the P/E Multiple. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, 34:2. [PDF]

Sihvonen, J. (2016). Enhancing Central Bank Communication: The Case of the Federal Reserve's First Two-Stage Monetary Policy Announcement. Journal of Finance Case Research, 17:1. [PDF] [Video]

Sihvonen, J. & S. Vähämaa (2015). Business research in the Nordic countries: An analysis of research output across disciplines, countries, and institutions. Nordic Journal of Business, 64:4. [PDF] Featured in: [Helsingin Sanomat] [MTV] [Kauppalehti] [Talouselämä] [Hufvudstadsbladet][Foundation of Economic Education]

Klemola, A. and J. Sihvonen (2015). Covered Option Strategies in Nordic Electricity Markets. Journal of Energy Markets 8:3, 1-35. [PDF]

Sihvonen, J. & S. Vähämaa (2014). Forward-Looking Monetary Policy Rules and Option-Implied Interest Rate Expectations. Journal of Futures Markets 34:4, 346-373. [PDF] [Eastern Finance Association Outstanding Paper Award]

Research visits:

Bank of Finland, Research Unit, August 2017.

Goethe University, Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe research center, December 2014.

European Central Bank, Directorate Monetary Policy, Capital Markets/Financial Structure Division, July-December 2008.