Helka Kalliomäki

Associate Professor (tenure track)

School of Management, Regional Studies
firstname.lastname@univaasa.fi (normalise scandinavian characters)
+358 29 449 8411
Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa
Fabriikki F314


Doctor of Philosophy: University of Turku, Department of geography and geology, 2012

Master of Science: University of Oulu, Department of geography, 2007

Recent research funding

- Business Finland, 2020, Evolving innovation space, RDI policies and impact evaluation (CO-I, UVA & international consortium joint project)

- ERDF/Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, 2020, FAIR - Finding innovations to Accelerate Implementation of electric Regional aviation (CO-I, responsible person of UVA, UVA & Umeå University & cross-border consortium joint project)

- Turku Urban Research Programme, 2018, Turku Science Park as a laboratory of creative encounters (CO-I, UTU & Tampere University joint project)

- ESPON, 2018, Potentials of big data for integrated territorial policy development in the European growth corridors (PI; UTU & Tartu University joint project)

- Turku Urban Research Programme, 2017, Strategic urban development ? dialogue between competitiveness and communication (CO-I, project manager; UTU & Aalto University joint project)

- Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council/AIKO-funding, 2017, Network analysis of maritime cluster in the Northern Growth Zone (PI; UTU, MDI & Sweco joint project)

- The City of Turku & University of Turku, 2017, Innovation Districts in Emerging and Advanced Economies for Sustainable Urban Development (CO-I, project manager)

- Tekes, 2017, Sustainability and transparency in shipbuilding networks SUSTIS (CO-I, manager of sub-project)

- Turku Urban Research Programme, 2015, Knowledge-based decision making at the Northern Growth Zone (PI; UTU & Finnish Environment Institute joint project)

Recent publications (articles in scientific journals and books)

- Eriksson T, Halla H, Heikkilä M & Kalliomäki H 2019. Entrepreneurial competences and business model innovation in Finnish horticulture industry: insights on industrial renewal. Agricultural and Food Science, accepted for publication.

- Granqvist K, Mäntysalo R, Mattila H, Hirvensalo A, Teerikangas S & Kalliomäki H 2019. Kaupungin strateginen spatiaalinen suunnittelu - Navigointia eri skaalojen ja rationaliteettien välillä (In English: Strategic urban planning ? navigation between scales and rationales). Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu 57: 1, 11?25.

- Kalliomäki H 2018. Recontextualising Oregon's Urban Growth Boundary to city-regional planning in Tampere, Finland: need for strategic bridge-building. Planning Theory and Practice, 19: 4, 514?533.

- Kalliomäki H & Vahlo J 2017. Kulttuurisuunnittelu lähestymistapana kaupunkien yhteiskehittämiseen (In English: Cultural planning as an approach to co-creative urban planning). Häyrynen M & Wallin A (toim.). Kulttuurisuunnittelu ? kaupunkikehityksen uusi näkökulma. Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden seura.

- Kalliomäki H 2015. Reframing strategic spatial planning as a trading zone between state-led and place-based interests: reflections from Maryland and Finland. Land Use Policy 42, 113-123.


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