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Adam Smale


School of Management
+358 29 449 8446
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Tervahovi C305
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Twitter: @DrSmale


British by nationality (Guernsey, Channel Islands), I moved to Vaasa in Finland in 2004 to commence my academic career. I have been a Professor of Management and Business Administration since 2012.


I teach on the EPAS-accredited Master's Degree Programme in International Business. Over a 10-year teaching career I have taught courses on International Human Resource Management and International Strategic Management at undergraduate, post-graduate and MBA level.

Read my 2018 bestseller teaching case published at The Case Centre: Pushing the Right Buttons: Global Talent Management at KONE Corporation


I am a member of the Human Resource Management Research Group. My research interests focus on international HRM - more specifically HRM, talent management and knowledge transfer in multinational corporations. I have published over 20 articles on these topics in leading international journals and sit on the editorial board of Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance and the Nordic Journal of Business.

Read my university blog: 'Management Matters'

Most recent journal publications:
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Ehrnrooth, M., Björkman, I., Mäkelä, K., Smale, A., Sumelius, J. & Taimitarha, S. (2018) Talent responses to talent status awareness?Not a question of simple reciprocation, Human Resource Management Journal.

Brewster, C., Mayrhofer, W., & Smale, A. (2016). Crossing the streams: HRM in multinational enterprises and comparative HRM. Human Resource Management Review, 26(4): 285-297.

Ahlvik, C., Smale, A. & Sumelius, J. (2016) Aligning corporate transfer intentions and subsidiary HRM practice implementation in multinational corporations, Journal of World Business. 51(3): 343-355.

Smale, A., Björkman, I., Ehrnrooth, M., John, S., Mäkelä, K. & Sumelius, J. (2015). Dual values-based organizational identification in MNC subsidiaries: A multilevel study. Journal of International Business Studies, 46(7): 761-783.

Sumelius, J., Björkman, I., Ehrnrooth, M., Mäkelä, K., & Smale, A. (2014) What Determines Employee Perceptions of HRM Process Features? The case of performance appraisal in MNC Subsidiaries,Human Resource Management, 53(4): 569-592.

Björkman, I., Ehrnrooth, M., Mäkelä, K., Smale, A. & Sumelius, J. (2014) From HRM practices to the practice of HRM: setting a research agenda, Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, 1(2): 122-140.

Mäkelä, K., Björkman, I., Ehrnrooth, M., Smale, A. & Sumelius, J. (2013) Explaining stakeholder evaluations of HRM capabilities in MNC subsidiaries, Journal of International Business Studies, 44(8): 813-832.

Chang, Y-Y. & Smale, A. (2013) Expatriate characteristics and the stickiness of HRM knowledge transfers, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(12): 2394-2410.

Björkman, I., Ehrnrooth, M., Mäkelä, K., Smale, A. & Sumelius, J. (2013) Talent or Not? Employee Reactions to Talent Identification,Human Resource Management, 52(2): 195-214.

Smale, A., Björkman, I. & Sumelius, J. (2013) Examining the differential use of global integration mechanisms across HRM practices: Evidence from China, Journal of World Business, 48(2): 232-240


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