Technical difficulties in WebOodi

Posted on 03/10/13.

WebOodi will be out of use from Thursday October 3rd at 2:00 p.m. The system will be down until the following morning.

During that time ICT management will repair a technical flaw in the system which originated in the last system update two weeks ago. Repairing the flaw demands that the two-week-old data base is restored. This means that all the information saved in the system after the last update on September 18th will be lost – including e.g. course and exam enrollments, registrations of completed courses, changes in eHOPS personal study plans, and course feedback.

After the downtime the enrollments, registrations, changes in study rights and personal information etc. will be restored in Oodi by the university personnel but this will take time because it must be done manually. The restoration will start on Friday October 4th and it will continue the next week. Information on study rights and registrations will be the first to be restored and it will be done by Oodi support and academic affairs personnel. There will be more announcements on the progress during the process on the front page of WebOodi.

The current information in the system will mainly be restored. However, since restoring the information is a complex process the students will hopefully take part in it. This can be done by everyone checking their respective information on week 42. There will be additional information regarding eHOPS and course feedback later on. In unclear situations please contact Oodi support (oodituki(at)

The situation is specific to Oodi. In does not concern e.g. Moodle and student schedule systems.

We regret any inconvenience for the students.

Please follow the announcements in WebOodi and portal!


Oodi support and ICT management