The University of Vaasa awarded Research Act and Teaching Act of the Year 2018

Posted on 28/01/19.

Olli Raatikainen and Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen received the Teaching Act of the Year award. Vesa Suutari, Liisa Mäkelä and Oliver Wurtz were awarded the Research Act of the Year 2018.

The University of Vaasa granted the Research Act and Teaching Act awards of last year in the anniversary ceremony on Monday 28th of January. Research Act of the Year 2018 award was granted to Professors Vesa Suutari and Liisa Mäkelä and Assistant Professor Olivier Wurtz from the School of Management. Associate Professor Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen and University Teacher Olli Raatikainen from the School of Marketing and Communication received Teaching Act of the Year 2015 award.

Professors Suutari, Mäkelä and Assistant Professor Wurtz were awarded for their achievements in the EU funded GLOMO project. GLOMO is a research project and a doctoral training programme that focuses on global mobility of employees. The European Union has granted a funding of nearly EUR 4 million from the Horizon 2020 programme for the project.

Associate Professor Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen adn University Teacher Olli Raatikainen were awarded for the study module "Digitaalinen markkinointi ja viestintä" (Digital Marketing and Communication). This module brings the students of communications and the students of marketing together - they work in teams and learn from each other. The students will also work together with a company and develop digital marketing for real life.

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa awarded Laura Perttola from the School of Management with the Hyvä opettaja award (Best Teacher award).

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