Several scholarships granted for doctoral research

Posted on 10/06/20.


The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa has granted several scholarships, donated by Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation and Vaasa University Foundation.

Five scholarships (24 000 €) donated by the Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation were granted to:

  • Probal Dutta, Finance and Accounting: Essays on Corporate Environmental Performance and Environmental Reporting Practices: Evidence from Finland
  • Masoumeh Fathi, Finance and Accounting: Forecasting Stock Price via Sentiment Analysis on Social Network
  • Roman Filenko, Marketing: Determinants of International Joint Ventures Termination Mode Choice and Parent Firms
  • Kumar Haresh, Electrical Engineering: Big Data Analytics for Condition Monitoring of Medium Voltage Cables
  • SM Feroj Mahmood, Marketing: Internationalization and Social Entrepreneurship of International Firms: Empirical investigation of firms originating from Finland and Bangladesh

Two scholarships for six months (12 000 ) were granted to:

  • Alesja Serada, Communication studies, The Use of Social Media Channels for Value Creation and Price Manipulation on the CryptoKitties Market
  • Laura Urrila, Management: Impacts of mindfulness on leadership and leader development

Nissi Foundation gives grants for students engaging in commercial studies, post-graduate studies or research, and researchers, and to the promotion of commercial expertise in the Vaasa region.

Four scholarships for six months (12 000 €) donated by Vaasa University Foundation to:

  • Nebiyu Girgibo, Energy Technology: Seaside Energy Solutions, Land Rising and Climate Change in UNESCO World Inheritance Protected Area: A Mixed-methods Investigation
  • Mikko Karhu, Regional Science: Utopiat ja utooppisuus aluekehittämisessä
  • Tomi Niemi, Social and Health Management: Hämmentävä digitalisaatio: tutkimuskohteena kansalaisten digiosaaminen ja sähköisten palveluiden käyttäjälähtöinen ideointi.
  • Alesja Serada, Communication Studies, The Use of Social Media Channels for Value Creation and Price Manipulation on the CryptoKitties Market

Vaasa University Foundation supports the development of the University of Vaasa as well as University’s scientific research and teaching.

Two-year positions

University of Vaasa has selected Ebo Kwegyir-Afful, Shuwei Jiang, Anne Koski, Tiina Leino, Jessica Nygård, Johanna Kalliokoski, Tuire Hautala-Kankaanpää, Thi Thu Ha Nguyen and Emmanuel Kusi Appiah for salaried doctoral positions. The positions of Kalliokoski, Hautala-Kankaanpää, Ha Nguyen and Kusi Appiah are partly funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation. The two-year positions start at the beginning of August 2020.

Annually approximately 22 new doctors graduate every year in the fields of business studies, technology, administrative sciences and communication studies at the University of Vaasa.