Notification for WSC athletic hours

Posted on 12/03/20.

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Please take notice of the instruction provided by Sport Services partner Wasa Sports Club.

  • With your and other ppls health in mind, we ask that you thoroughly wash you hands with soap before coming to workout.
  • Please do not come to the gym ill. In the worst case you will make your condition worse, as well as pass on your illness to others.
  • At the gym you will find disinfectant fluid. Please use it to clean the machinery you intend to use as well as after the use.
  • From the reception and the cafeteria you will also find hand sanitizer.
  • We at Wasa Sports Club will be paying additional attention to providing all customers a clean and safe place to exercise. We will be disinfecting our space more rigorously.

Please do not participate in any of the sports or recreation classes if you feel ill!