Dissertation: The diffusion of photovoltaic systems in Ghana

Posted on 26/08/13.

M.Sc. Emmanuel Ndzibah´s doctoral thesis identifies and explains the requirements for the diffusion of photovoltaic systems in Ghana. The field of the study is industrial management.

The unreliability of electricity production and delivery in Ghana forms a background for proposing viable marketing mechanisms for photovoltaic systems.

– The ever-increasing demand for traditional energy (e.g., fossil fuel) and its detrimental effect on the eco-system will position this study as a catalyst in facilitating the adoption of photovoltaic systems in developing countries, tells Ndzibah.

With regard to the marketing mechanisms, the product configuration offers consumer the following options: standalone, backup, and hybrid systems. Regarding distribution, the study limits its options to agent activities and the possibility for end users to apply a do-it-yourself (DIY) manual. The promotional activities include electronic, print, and educational possibilities through workshops, seminars, and public debate. As regards financing, the study discusses the following options: individuals paying cash or credit, philanthropic activities, financial institutions, and the possibility of the government providing green loans, credits and subsidies.

Furthermore, considerations of the levelized cost of electricity generation (LCOE) with key emphasis on individual solar home units helps improve our understanding of the future possibilities of having non-tariff types of installations. The proposed Robin Hood and Donkey principles support the marketing mechanisms, in helping the government and policy makers to solve the current energy crisis through socially equitable and transparent means.

– These marketing mechanisms also provide a practical solution for replication to other developing countries with a similar energy crisis, explains Ndzibah.

The study combines both business and engineering research techniques in presenting practical solutions for the energy crisis under investigation. The empirical data were collected through interviews, surveys and an example case of business collaboration.

The public examination of Ndzibah´s doctoral dissertation ”Marketing Mechanisms for Photovoltaic Technology in Developing Countries – Case Ghana” was held on Saturday 24th of August. Professor Jarmo Partanen from the Lappeenranta University of Technology acted as an opponent and professor Josu Takala from University of Vaasa acted as a custos.

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