Coronavirus situation and instructions at the University of Vaasa

Posted on 17/03/20.

Vaasan yliopisto

This page is updated with current information about the coronavirus situation at the University of Vaasa. Last updated on 17 June 3 p.m.






Based on the situational assesment recieved on 15 June, the Finnish Government has determined that the COVID-19 epidemic can be managed using the regular powers of the authorities. The state of emergency has been lifted on Tuesday 16 June. The Finnish universities continue to open up functions and facilities based on the development of the pandemic situation in addition of guidelines given by the authorities.

You will find information about the operations of the University of Vaasa below. So far, no cases of coronavirus has been diagnosed at the University of Vaasa.


Operations at the University of Vaasa in autumn 2020

  • The campus opens again on 17 August, following all restrictions concerning the maximum amount of persons, distance and hygiene
    • The restaurants on campus will open up gradually with limited offering during August
    • For information about library services, please follow Tritonia's web pages
  • Studying continues mainly as distance learning, especially for older students
  • However, as becoming a part of the new students’ group and having a sense of community are particularly important for new students, they will study on campus  
    • mass lectures and classes of more than 50 students will be replaced by online lectures and teaching in smaller groups
  • The university personnel prepares for continuing in remote working with an extended scale until year-end 2020
  • For events, the maximum amount of persons attending is 50. All instructions regarding distance and hygiene must be followed.
  • We continue following instructions given by the authorities in all travelling (work and leisure)


University of Vaasa and coronavirus situation – restrictions until 14 August 2020

  • Information about changed admission procedures at the University of Vaasa can be found here (in Finnish): /hakijat/tietoa/uudet_paivitetyt_valintaperusteet/
  • University facilities are closed from students and all doors are locked until 14 August 2020
  • Exam-class is closed
  • The Tritonia library has opened with restrictions on 1 June. For more information, see Tritonia's pages.
  • For the time being, no restaurants are open on the campus
  • All teaching is organised by distance learning until 14 August 2020
    • Teaching that cannot be organised remotely can exceptionally be organised on campus as of 14 May 2020 following all current restrictions concerning the maximum amount of persons, distance and hygiene must be followed
  • All university personnel is working remotely until 14 August 2020 and all meetings are remote meetings (Zoom, Teams) - more information available on the intranet
  • All events and centralised exams at the University of Vaasa are cancelled until 31 July 2020
  • The graduation event in June will exceptionall be held as a virtual event on 18 June
  • Disputations are primarily held remotely. A disputation event can however be held on campus after 1 June if the maximum amount of persons participating is under 10.

More detailed instructions for employees of the University of Vaasa is available in the intranet (including e.g. practical tips for remote working and teaching).

We have also opened a mail address for inquiries and questions concerning the coronavirus: Please note, that the mails are read and answered Mon-Fri 8 am to 4 pm.



More information for students: /en/news/koronaviruksen_vaikutus_opiskeluun/. We also send messages and instructions to student mail.

More information is published whenever the situation changes, so students are advised to actively follow the university's web page, student mail, Moodle, Lukkari and WebOodi.


Personnel: travelling, health care and sick leave (more information in intranet)

As for travelling, instructions given by the authorities are followed. It is a strong recommendation not to travel abroad during summer. Any travelling must be approved by the deans and unit heads. Only essential travelling for work in Finland is possible, and requires a discussion with the superior.

When you plan to travel abroad or if you will arrive back to Finland, please check the instructions of the Finnish authorities:

When returning to Finland from abroad, the employee must work remotely for 14 days. The health condition must be followed closely. If any symptoms of the disease is noticed, occupational health care must be contacted immediately by phone Pihlajalinna (+358 1031 2010, open 6-22).

During the coronavirus epidemic, a seven-day self-reporting period is respected when an employee has symptoms suggestive of a respiratory infection such as fever, cough, shortness of breath.


Basic protective measures against the new virus (for more detailed instructions, see more for example

  • Always keep your hands clean
  • Wash your hands when you come to work, before eating/smoking and when leaving work.
  • The  best way to wash your hands is to use warm water and liquid soap
  • Don’t touch the areas around your mouth and nose with your hands
  • Please avoid close physical contacts, like shaking hands

General information about the coronavirus situation

The most updated information related to the coronavirus situation in Finland can be found from Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL). Finnish Government recommendations are also published and available by the the Finnish government. Information about the virus is also available at World Health Organisation (WHO).


The University of Vaasa crisis management team is led by the rector and consists of rector, vice rector, security manager, finance director, HR director, legal director and marketing & communications director. The team follows the coronavirus situation actively and keeps close contacts with other universities and the authorities, and decides the measures taken utilising the situational assessment of Finnish authorities.

For information, please contact:

rector Jari Kuusisto

tel. +358 29 449 8291